Star of Hope Baptist Church
Leadership Team

Pastors & Staff

Clarence D. Yarbrough

Senior Pastor

Pastor  Clarence D. Yarbrough has been inspiring our congregation and community since joining the congregation in 2008. Pastor Yarbrough was called to pastor Star of Hope in 2010 after God called Pastor Walker home. Since being called to pastor he continues to preaches the infallible and uncompromising Gospel. He stands boldly on the Word of God knowing it is the Word that has saving, healing, and restoration power. His vision is to continue to win souls for the Lord through the teachings and guidance of the Holy Spirit of God!

Charlie Jones Sr.

Assistant Pastor

Pastor Charlie Jones Sr.  joined the Star of Hope Baptist Church Leadership Team to assist in ministering the Word of God. Pastor Jones is a season pastor who has the desire and drive to win souls with every opportunity God provides. He is passionate about the Word of God being given and taught in the manner that God Himself has called him to give it. He is driven to help the church win souls and assist with creating an environment of worship that is conducive to everyone who attends our worships services. 

Aleshue Yarbrough

First Lady & Minister of Music

Aleshue Yarbrough has been inspiring our congregation and musically ministering to the Nacogdoches TX community since the conception of Star of Hope Baptist Church. She started her musical ministry under the founding Pastor, (Her Father) the late, Pastor Eligha Walker Jr. She brings a wealth of musical experience and spiritual energy to the church while leading our praise and worship. 

Willie B. Walker

Founding First Lady & Church Mother

Mrs. Walker has been a faithful and key member of the Star of Hope Baptist Church since the conception in 1983. She is the wife of the founding Pastor; Pastor Eligha Walker Jr. Mrs. Walker has served with and for the church many years by being faithful in the movement of the church through both the good and the bad times. Her smile and spirit is a blessing to the congregation and to all who have come to know and love her. Her desire is for the Star of Hope Baptist Church to continue to grow and carry on the vision given by God to her husband Pastor Walker in the mission of winning souls for the Lord. 

Vert L. Boins

Chairman of the Deacon Board

Brother Vert L. Boins have been with the Star of Hope Baptist Church since its conception. He has been a leader, an example, and mentor to our congregation. Brother Boins desire is for the church to continue to carry the blood stained banner for Jesus Christ in hopes that our church becomes a greater gateway for souls to be save for the Glory of God and His Kingdom. 

Connie Edwards

Church Secretary & Finance Officer

Sister Connie Edwards has been a key component of the Star of Hope Baptist Church. She keeps the church financially balanced to ensure the goals and visions given by God are met. Sister Connie desires for our church to be positioned to continue reaching out to the community we serve by addressing the needs in which God has ordained for us to meet. 

Jessie Young

Church Treasurer

Sister Jessie is a vibrant member of the Star of Hope Baptist Church. Her desires is for the Word of God reach as many as possible. Sister Jessie is a key component in the dissemination of the Word as she assist with teaching Sunday School and Wednesday Night Bible Study lessons. Soul saving and drawing people closer to Christ is a must and Sister Jessie is doing her part as God has required. 

Michelle McCorvey

Usher President

Sister Michelle McCorvey is the President of the Star of Hope Baptist Church Usher Board. Michelle is the daughter of the founding Pastor Eligha Walker Jr. and Mrs. Wille Walker. She is responsible for ensuring all who are in attendance receive a warm and spiritual welcome as they enter our worship service. Her desire is for all who worship with us have a blessed and heartfelt welcome which motivates a return visit. 

Shelia Richards

Church Records Clerk

Sister Shelia Richards has served the Star of Hope Baptist Church for many years as the records clerk. She is instrumental in the documentation of our church history ensuring our children know and understand the struggles and sacrifices which were made that enabled them to have the right to worship in this House of God. Her desire is to provide factual information and documentation which reveals the true works of God through soul saving and blessings at Star of Hope.